Welcome to MS Avenger

Hello and welcome to MS Avenger! I created this site because I was a member of several online Multiple Sclerosis support groups and there was so much negativity and misinformation.

…a little about me…

My name is Michelle and I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in October of 2013. My first symptoms started in my teens although I did not realise it. I started off on Copaxone, then moved along to Aubagio, Gilenya, and I am currently on Tysabri infusions monthly. I am slated to start Lemtrada in March of 2020 because I am JC Virus positive.

My goals on this website:

First, I would love to keep everything in a positive light. Sometimes, I make jokes about things that aren’t positive like incontinence. Second, I would like to provide up-to-date information on Multiple Sclerosis research findings. I will try to break down the information to terms and phrases that most people can understand. I have a background in science, but I am not a medical doctor. Thirdly, along the lines of MS Research, I will try to put up-to-date studies and surveys that you can participate in. I am a proponent of advancing science and one way we can do this is by participating in studies and surveys! Let’s help find a cure for MS! Lastly, I would like to provide an honest and open dialogue about my personal journey with MS. Some things aren’t child appropriate, like sexual health, but will be discussed in words and phrases that aren’t x-rated.

Feel free to click on the contact me tab to find the many ways to contact me!